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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 4, 201

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, without a real Bale.

Chris Brunskill

Happy Monday Spursland! I'd really like Andros Townsend to stop doing his bad impression of Bale because he is a bad impressionist. He has to stop getting the ball at the corner of the box, pausing, then cutting across the face of the 18 only to be covered by a second defender so he can't get his Bale like shot off. It does nothing and he can't do it, but he keeps trying to do it over and over again. He is bad at doing his Bale impressions. Really nobody should do impressions but Jay Mohr.

And now the "news"

AVB On The Hugo Call, His Take is Disturbing- Sky Sports

I am not like many other people of this era when they talk about head injuries. As I watched in real time, my reaction was that was bad, but not knowing what was being said on the pitch I was mostly okay with Hugo staying in. The place I draw the line on when to pull a player even if he wants to stay in is not in the same place as most people (and I say that having had something between a large amount and a bunch of concussions).

Concussions are scary. If you have never experienced one, here is what it is like: you hit, then you come to not knowing where you are and then the really scary thing, you realize that you are and have been moving for some time. It's scary not knowing how long you haven't been in control, realizing anything could have been done to you in that time period. You can't control it. I know what it's like to have a bad concussion and if AVB is correct about how Hugo was after getting hit he absolutely should have been pulled. I am disgusted that he wasn't.

Eriksen Can Teach Tottenham To Turn Adventure Into Goals- Guardian

Can he teach Sandro to not to get hurt? I feel like that would help a lot too.

Corinthians Say They Could Sell Pato In January To Spurs Or Arsenal- ESPN FC

This is beyond bat country. It is in its own realm because this is that stupid. Welcome to #owlcountry, my friends.

Goalkeeper Goal!- SB Nation Soccer

When a keeper scores, I don't think once about the guy who scored. I think about the poor idiot who got scored on. I always imagine him spending that night locked in his bathroom sitting on the floor of his shower like that girl in Casino Royal after she sees that guy get killed on the stairs. And he should.

Chelsea Snooze Their Way To Newcastle Loss- We Ain't Got No History

It's always nice when your team really that isn't exactly putting it all together has to play the team that just beat Chelsea next.

The Flyers And The Capitals Had An Awesome Line Brawl- Broad Street Hockey

Fights in hockey are awesome, full line fights are better and goalies fighting are the best thing, but the Flyers goalie is a dick. For our friends who aren't into hockey, there is a code that players live by and it is enforced with, you guessed it, more fighting. To learn more about the code of hockey fighting, click here. There are established rules and guidelines you see. You drop your gloves and stick, and you remove your helmet. And one of the other big ones is you don't keep hitting a guy when he goes down to the ice or goes down to his knee. You stay classy, Philly Goalie.

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