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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 11, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes are #blessed.

Jan Kruger

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! We live in a grand time. We get to see the internet explode into our world, revolutionizing everything. We got to live to see Tottenham blow big money on players and, just as importantly, we have lived to see MaCauley Culkin form a Pizza based Velvet Underground tribute band AND they have released an EP! We are just so god damn lucky. Sucks to be you, people who lived through the crusades

And now the "news"

Ian Walker Stops By Training- Spurs Official

That is a man who has aged well.

Bale's Mum Gives Interview- HITC Sport

Let;s not interview moms about anything their kids did past the age of like 12, especially if her son is an attractive, rich, famous guy living abroad. She hasn't heard from Bale in months, probably while he is knee deep in goals and promiscuous sex with several partners.

Juve And Galatasaray Postponed Due To Hail- Black and White and Read All Over

I doubt the Galatasaray fans noticed, those psychopaths.

Henderson In Doubt For Spurs- Liverpool Offside

I don't care about anyone being out unless his name is Suarez because it doesn't matter if they only have six guys to play. If Suarez is on of the 6 then Liverpool have a solid shot at winning.

Crazy BMX Tricks On A Road Bike- SB Nation

This isn't as cool as i thought for two reasons:

1. it is clear they went through an ass ton of tire for this. Road tires pop at the drop of a hat.

2. Their feet aren't clipped in! This isn't real!

The Only Game In Town- SB Nation

The latest monument to journalism from our long read department. Just tell your boss you are troubleshooting your M.O. suite, you'll get him the Peterman file by lunch and settle in to take it all in. It's always the god damn Peterman file.

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