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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for December 13, 2013

Wasn't it just Friday the 13th?

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Paul Gilham

Happy Friday Spursland!  Friday the 13th...OoOo eerie. But you know what's creepy? Julia Child, Tim Russert, Tupac, and Mickie Spillane all have one thing in common. They died on Friday the 13th. Not a bad group to be in really. Another group I would like to be in, just so you know is a group of guys named Holtby, Holtby, Holtby, and Angela Merkel.

And now the "news"

Coutinho Reminds Sandro Of Ronaldinho-Sky Sports

Well that's interestinginho.

Vlad Gets "Blood" Spinning Treatment-Telegraph

OK so his name is the same as Dracula's. His mask make him look like a bat (perhaps even a vampire bat) and now a headline about him has the word blood shoe horned in there. Spurs TV's next video after the much anticipated Make The Beast Cry should be Vlad running around and biting Spurs players and staff. And might I also suggest that it be cartoony as shit and have the production value of one of my stand up shows. And by that I mean the worst you can possibly imagine.

NYCFC Ushers In A New Era-SB Nation Soccer

The era of the consonant!

Klinsman Inks New Four Year Deal-Stars And Stripes FC

Does he see out this new deal if the US is bounced out of the World Cup in shameful fashion? (Ed note: Yes)

The Guy That Argued Against The Usefulness Of Statistics References "Sample Size" In The First Paragraph-SB Nation Soccer

It's actually a pretty good article I just couldn't resist., because I am a child.

AVB Chasing "Magnificent" Liverpool-Liverpool Offside

There is nothing better for a Liverpool fan than talking about how great their club is and the history and blah blah blah, except when it is making a huge deal about a polite comment a rival made about them. "Look even that guy admits we are awesome AND HE COMPETES against us, proof Liverpool is the greatest". Shut up.