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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 16, 2013

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Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with Monday sadness.

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Paul Gilham

Hap...  :( It's Monday. God damn it.

And now the "news"

I Am Not A Quitter, Says AVB- BBC

No, but at this point he may very well be [redacted].

Rodgers' Star Shines While AVB Looks Devoid Of Ideas- Telegraph

He didn't look devoid of ideas. The ideas were just insane.

It Is Too Early To Sack AVB, Says Harry Redknapp- Sports Mole

Is it crazy that I think that Harry coming in as a sort of spiritual leader/mentor role to pinch hit for AVB before our next match could work? Like it really might need to be a just FRAAB moment. That's crazy, right? Like not normal levels of crazy where you just have to check that you locked your door the times. I get the feeling that thinking that makes me one or two steps away from parts of people in my freezer. (Ed. note: Before editing, this paragraph had the word "like" nine times.)

WBA Sack Steve Clarke- SB Nation Soccer

And there goes all that money I put on a certain prop bet. IT SEEMED LIKE FREE MONEY BETTING ON THE NEXT MANAGER SACKING!

Sergio Ramos Needs To Grow Up- Managing Madrid

Speaking of growing up, I need to publicly apologize for something. A few nights ago I got my beer balls going and heard that some people over at Liverpool Offside were attacking Uncle Menno so I decided that I needed to enter the fray. However, I was not witty, poignant or even less-than douchie. I was the worst. I was everything bad you could do as an internet commenter; I was condescending and dumb. On top of that, I misunderstood a bunch of nice things they were saying about this blog so my apologies to the Liverpool Offside community. You gave me one hell of a well-deserved beating that night and good for you, sorry. I am going to grow up now.

Just Throw The Ball At The Other Ball- SB Nation

That is how you do that, boys and girls.

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