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Tim Sherwood is interim boss, could stay on past West Ham game

Tottenham Hotspur have made the expected move in naming Tim Sherwood as interim head coach for the West Ham game, but could he stick around beyond that?

Paul Gilham

In a move that won't surprise any Spurs supporters, Tottenham Hotspur have named technical coordinator Tim Sherwood as head coach for the League Cup quarterfinal match against West Ham United. Sherwood spent four years at the club as a player and has been on staff since 2008, when he took a coaching position under Harry Redknapp. Before being named technical coordinator, he had a stint managing the Under-21 side.

Matt Hughes had the story for The Times (paywall), and on Twitter, he suggested that Sherwood could stick around for a while.

If Tottenham's first or second choice managerial appointment doesn't come through for them mid-season -- which is a very distinct possibility -- it would make sense to go with an internal solution on an interim basis so that Daniel Levy can hire the boss he really wants come summer. However, if things don't improve or get worse with Sherwood at the helm, there are going to be a lot of very frustrated fans at White Hart Lane.

Update: Tottenham has clarified the roles of the staff.