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Murat Yakin has talked to Tottenham Hotspur

Enter another young, talented managerial candidate. FC Basel's coach could be seriously in the running for the Spurs job.

Sascha Steinbach

According to French-language Swiss outlet 20 Minutes, FC Basel manager Murat Yakin has had contact with Tottenham Hotspur about the possibility of taking over as manager. Yakin's contract with Basel expires at the end of the season, so Spurs would not need to ask permission to speak with him or pay Basel compensation if they wished to hire him starting in July.

His quote was short, but to the point.

"Je n'ai eu aucun contact avec la Lazio, mais avec Tottenham, oui."

That says he has not had contact with Lazio, who he's also been linked to, but that he has spoken to Tottenham. While that doesn't necessarily mean that he's a top candidate for the job -- I'd expect Levy to make a phone call to anyone with Yakin's pedigree who is out of contract -- it means he's at least on the club's radar.

Yakin was a Swiss international who went into coaching shortly after retirement. He took over at FC Basel in 2012 after managing a couple of smaller Swiss clubs and has impressed in his one and a half seasons at the club, winning the Swiss title and turning in a respectable showing in this year's Champions League group stage.

(h/t @AddictedtoSpurs)