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Erik Lamela unlikely to be loaned out

According to Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla, Tottenham Hotspur plan to hold on to Erik Lamela and let him play through his rough patch of form.

Charlie Crowhurst

Amidst rumors hat Italian clubs are interested in acquiring Erik Lamela on loan for the second half of the season after the Argentine star failed to settle in England, Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla is reporting that Tottenham Hotspur are not interested in loaning him out. He pointed out links to Inter Milan and Napoli, stating that the rumors have no reason to exist.

Tottenham ha intenzione di difendere l'investimento Lamela, consapevole che il rendimento non all'altezza della situazione sia dipeso anche dalla cattiva gestione di Villas-Boas. Ma, dopo la svolta tecnica in panchina, il club inglese è consapevole che l'argentino possa tornare ai livelli del passato, non è certo il momento di una bocciatura.

That says that Tottenham intend to get the most out of their investment in Lamela, and that his poor performances were at least partially due to poor management by Andre Villas-Boas. They believe that he will return to his previous form and that it's not time to give up on him becoming a first team player this season.

As someone who is a big believer in Lamela, this is excellent news, and I'm hoping that Pedulla has good information in this case. I'm looking forward to seeing Tim Sherwood integrate Lamela into the starting XI.