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Molde director says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been contacted about other jobs

It's more likely that he'll be considered for the West Bromwich Albion opening than the Tottenham Hotspur one, but he's still a name to keep an eye on.


Tottenham Hotspur have been rumored to have talked to Fabio Capello, Frank de Boer and Murat Yakin about their managerial vacancy, with none publicly biting hard enough that we have any more juicy rumors to pass along. Enter former Manchester United player and assistant Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who's been kicking ass at Molde and is probably ready for a job in a big league, and his boss is telling Norwegian media that he could be off to England.

Here's what Molde Director Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen told Norwegian outlet rbnett.

Jeg kan bekrefte at vi har fått formelle henvendelser, men vil ikke si når de kom eller hvor de kom fra. Ole har et navn og en posisjon som alltid vil gjøre ham attraktiv. Og han har en standing i England som gjør at han ofte vil være en kandidat der ... a. Vi er forberedt på at det er et mulig scenario. Ole har vunnet tre titler på tre år i Molde. Det er opplagt at dette kan være god timing for ham hvis han vil videre i karrieren.

And a rough translation, with me trying to clear up what Google Translate spits out because my Norwegian sure as hell isn't as strong as my German or Spanish.

I can confirm that we have received formal requests, but I will not say when they arrived or where they came from. Ole has a name and a place in his career that will always make him attractive. And he has a standing in England that often makes him a candidate for jobs there ... Yes. We are aware that there is a possible scenario [in which Solskjaer could leave]. Ole has won three titles in three years at Molde. It is obvious that this could be good timing for him if he wants to further his career.

After rbnett ran the straight news, another publication -- Dagbladet -- started to connect the dots and linked him to Tottenham and West Bromwich Albion because reasons. He's probably a better candidate for the West Bromwich Albion job than the Tottenham Hotspur job, but I'm not going to put it past Daniel Levy to consider any young manager who has won things, especially since this one has a history in England, will come cheap, and learned under Alex Ferguson.

Solskjaer is currently a very big 33-1 underdog to take over at White Hart Lane according to SkyBet. He's a much slimmer 9-2 to take over at WBA, which is second-favorite behind Gianfranco Zola.