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Frank De Boer's agent denies Tottenham contact

Frank De Boer's agent acknowledges Spurs' interest, but denies that there's been any contact from the club... yet.

Dennis Grombkowski

Amid swirling rumors of a meeting with Daniel Levy last night, Ajax manager Frank De Boer's agent has issued a statement denying that Tottenham have made any contact with him about potentially taking over as first team coach at Tottenham Hotspur.

In a statement to Amsterdam's Voetbal International dated this morning, De Boer's agent Guido Albers played down any speculation that the Dutchman was interested in taking the reins at White Hart Lane.

'Via verschillende kanalen is me duidelijk geworden dat Spurs interesse hebben, maar de club heeft zich niet bij Ajax gemeld', reageert Albers tegen Voetbal International. 'Dus voor ons valt er niet veel over te zeggen. Frank houdt zich hier ook helemaal niet mee bezig. Hij concentreert zich volledig op Ajax.'

Via the miraculous Google Translate, Albers said that he has learned "through various channels" that Tottenham are interested in De Boer, but that the club have yet to make any direct contact with him about the job, and that De Boer is still fully committed to Ajax. Which isn't surprising, and is exactly what you would expect Frank De Boer's manager to say in this situation.

All this is amidst a number of rumors that emerged overnight in the English media suggesting that De Boer rejected overtures from Daniel Levy in a meeting Wednesday evening. Both the Metro and the London Evening Standard are reporting a meeting took place, but reference only "sources in Holland." Cartilage Free Captain has yet to find any concrete links suggesting a meeting took place or that De Boer has turned Spurs down.

So for now, we have a pretty solid suggestion that Spurs are interested in Frank De Boer, and that De Boer is aware of Spurs' interest, but nothing beyond that. We'll keep an eye on this story in the event that there are future developments.