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Glenn Hoddle considered as Andre Villas-Boas replacement?

I hope that Duncan Castles got bad information because this is horrific.

Julian Finney

You know Glenn Hoddle. He might be the greatest player in the history of Tottenham Hotspur. I know that some Bill Nicholson, Dave Mackay and Paul Gascoigne fans might disagree, but he's a team legend and forever linked to the club. He was also the manager from 2001 to 2003. That didn't go so well. He managed Wolves for two seasons after that, but that also didn't go so well, so now he runs a football academy while providing TV commentary and playing golf, as you can see above.

You've probably also heard grumblings that Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy are not terribly smitten with Andre Villas-Boas and have considered firing him. This may or may not be true, but that hasn't stopped our favorite football journos from chasing down leads. Prominent Sulia user Duncan Castles is reporting that Hoddle is being considered as an AVB replacement.

First of all, you might be wondering what the heck ONE World Sports is. They're a TV and internet streaming outlet that has been buying up the rights to some games. They're not exactly a well-known news outlet, but there's a good chance that Castles shopped the story around and they offered the biggest check. This isn't worth discrediting simply because of the outlet.

You might also be thinking that you know Castles best for the transfer rumors he tweets out, many of which never come to fruition. However, we've discussed rumors he's posted in the past on this site and he's actually nailed quite a few. He was early on Soldadohe nailed the Dembele transferhe confirmed Vertonghen's move early and he was right about Milos Krasic not wanting to come here.

It seems like Castles actually has some sort of decent source at Spurs, so this is a sufficiently terrifying rumor. I'm really hoping that this was just a name kicked around, not a serious consideration, or that Castles' sources aren't actually as good as previously displayed. More than that, I really hope we're not seriously discussing firing AVB mid-season after a solid performance against Manchester United. Especially if he's going to be replaced by Hoddle.

I didn't really want to acknowledge this, but Castles is close enough to legit that I'm scared.