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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 23, 2013

Exactly what to do when you need to escape your diversely awful family members.

Paul Gilham

Happy Monday, Spursland! Holy hell, what a game! Holly hell, Adebayor still exists? Holy god forsaken hell, do I really only have today and tomorrow to buy shit?!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the much improved "news"

Sherwood Insists Tottenham Must Move Fast To Name New Manager -BBC

"And I think we should go with the hot hand, whattaya say, Danny?"

Mourinho And AVB Bury The Hatchet- Guardian

Did you miss that? Did you miss my delightful American frontiersmen colloquialisms? I thought so, but let us not reflect on my sojourn away. Let us focus on this true example of what this season is all about -- coming together and forgetting old differences or slights, and just being dudes with your dudebros, no matter how long it has been since your bromance ended. Good for both these fellas.

The Tottenham Way- Sky Sports

There have been discussions about what exactly the Tottenham way is for years. Some go back to the 60's and the passing style that brought so much glory. Some say it is "attacking English football." For me, some half-smart American, the Tottenham way just means fun. Whatever is fun, and wins. Let's do that more.

Qatar Chronicles: Part 5- SB Nation Soccer

Seriously, what is wrong with you? Why haven't you been reading this series? You some kind of rube or something? Look, you are stuck at home with your distant family surrounding you in the most terrible way so what better way to avoid that conversation about soybean futures with your cousin from Iowa, or exactly which Manhattan private preschool has the best feeder system into Harvard with your aunt who lives in Park Slope, but clearly isn't cool enough,; than to read this entire series while hiding in the bathroom? Now go forth and do good things.

Suarez Signs Monster New Liverpool Deal- SB Nation Soccer

A betting man would not be shy is putting down a few bills on the world transfer record being long for this world.

Bayern Lift Club World Cup, Which It Turns Out Is A Thing- SB Nation Soccer

And literally nobody cared ... that much.