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Tim Sherwood offered manager job until the end of the season

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly offered Tim Sherwood the opportunity to manage Tottenham Hotspur until the end of the season.

Paul Gilham

Update: Tim Sherwood appointed as manager on an 18-month contract

With Tottenham Hotspur turning in an impressive showing under Tim Sherwood's leadership at the weekend and most of the club's rumored candidates for the permanent manager's job seemingly uninterested in changing jobs before this summer, Spurs have offered Sherwood the job until the end of the season, according to The Guardian.

Here's what the paper had to say about a meeting between Sherwood and Daniel Levy.

Sherwood met the chairman, Daniel Levy, at Spurs' Enfield training centre on Monday to plot the course ahead having secured his first victory as manager, a 3-2 success at Southampton, over the weekend. Those talks extended through much of the day with the hierarchy making it clear they are considering more experienced candidates to take over in the summer.

That does not mean that Sherwood will, in fact, be at the helm until the end of the year. Him taking the job is far from a given, since he's stated that he prefers to get the job on a long-term basis or not at all.

Still, it will be tough for Sherwood to deny that a good stint as interim Spurs boss will be beneficial to his CV. He's likely to get a higher volume of good job offers come summer if he takes up the position than if he decides to return to being the club's technical coordinator or decides to leave Spurs.

Here's to hoping this gets sorted soon.