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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links For December 30, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with wins!

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Paul Gilham

Happy Monday, Spursland! It's been a rough few weeks, hasn't it? Very up and down emotionally. Would it shock you to learn we are 4-1-1 in our last six? It shocked me.

And now the "news"

Sherwood Says Picking Him Is A Gamble- BBC

Gambling usually doesn't pay off. Like that time we gambled? We put all our chips on a slightly tarnished up and coming hotshot out of Portugal?

AVB Hints His Next Job Won't Be In England- Guardian

So I guess we know how AVB has been spending his termination payout. With a prediction like that I have to assume he is spending his nights calling Miss Cleo.

Real Madrid Set For January Raid For Paulinho?- Telegraph

Fuck this shit, man. I've had enough. Somebody find me a wet stone because I gotta sharpen my knives. I got first watch. Menno, you've got small kids so I assume you are used to being up at weird hours so you get second watch. The instant we smell Florentino Perez's cologne from the other side of that hill we wll attack.

THudd Gets A Pitch-Side Haircut- SB Nation Soccer

Congrats buddy, but I just always assumed he would go with a full on pitch head shaving. However I commend him for clearly always having a guy with some sheers ready.

AC Milan Deny Ballotelli Is For Sale -SB Nation Soccer

For once the spotlight in a drama will be around Ballotelli and not directly on him. What is the Italian version of the soap opera? I need to know because it looks like we just watched the first episode of one.

Anelka In Hot Water Over Celebration with Anti-Semetic Undertones- SB Nation

SB Nation, parent company Vox Media, Cartilage Free Captain, Kevin McCauley and my Jewish girlfriend in no way condone anti-semitism in any form.

Now that that is out of the way, my personal opinion entirely separate from those named above is that this is something a comedian started and no matter how cringe-inducing to some, nobody should be able to tell anyone else what is funny. That said, Anelka is a dummy for doing this, but it's very, very, have I mentioned VERY, likely that he meant no offense. Let us move on with our lives.