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Sunderland v. Tottenham: lineups and match thread

Oh man we need this win oh please oh please God we need this win

Robert Cianflone

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.  We're up Wearside way for a match against Sunderland, and we really, really, really need a win.  We're going up against the club at the bottom of the table, but this is a team with a new manager and a new belief, and Jozy Altidore.  JOZY.  #jozy.  So we're gonna win this one, right?  Right?

This is your match thread and OMG LOOK AT THIS:


Uh, whoa. This is not the lineup you were looking for.  Capoue in the center of defense?  Demblinho double-pivot?  Defoe up top?  What is even football?  Somebody hold me.


We're Spurs fans, but please reign in the relentless knee-jerking and negativity.  No vitriol directed at players or referees.  Be nice to each other.  Use of the c-word or t-word is an automatic time-out.  Let's keep it clean and above the belt, people.  Now KITH. And COME ON YOU SPURS.