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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links Febuary 1, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Jamie McDonald

Happy Friday Spursland! Daniel Levy is somewhere in the very good to amazing range at getting the best team for the best price. He repeatedly pulls off monster surprise deals that are insanely in our club's favor and does so with zero time left on the clock. He never takes a loss on a player when they are sold on and he never overpays. He is an excellent guy to have in charge, unless it is running a covert spying operation that may violate some laws. Dan Levy will never leave this club in a troubled spot financially. He has limited resources and always gets a return on his investment with them. Nobody can dispute this.

But is there a time when his discipline to not overspend by 1 pound holding back this team? I have a saying when I coach, "If you are going to go, then you have to go." As in, if you are going to try at all to win you better do it now. And right now I believe that with the squad we have, if you add a world class striker who can play alone, we can win. Like everything I believe that this team on its game with the "The" can win the eague, I think it can challenge for the Champion's League. I really do. And I think now was the time for Dan Levy to sit back and say to himself "I keep surprising people with what I am doing, now I'll really shock them and just pay the extra 2,3, or even 5 million and get the guy to put us over the top. Just do it once! Our owner is a billionaire who just sits on his yacht in the Caribbean. He won't even notice the money is going anywhere. You could probably sneak it out of his wallet while he recants the final scene from Trading Places for the 80th time this month. This is the time to buy like that not any other time now. Our stars are just starting to peak, if we don't invest in players to support them they will leave for greener pastures. Break your own mold once Levy and become a legend. If you are going to go, then you HAVE to go.

And now the "news"

So after yesterday's reporting there is literally no Spurs news that this site hasn't covered. I think I saw seven updates on a post about Dan Levy's choice of footwear. So straight to the rest of the world, because as a general rule I don't like doubling up on what one of the other writers undoubtedly did a better job covering already.

Hazard Ban To Remain 3 Games-We Ain't Got No History

Nice to know that the FA are coming down hard on people who almost but don't actually hit kids. No, I won't change my position on this I spend too much of my time with teenagers (professionally, not in the weird way) to not understand his actions.

Newcastle Sign Teenage Swiss Prospect-Coming Home Newcastle

I'll say this, Dan Levy gets a ton of hype for being amazing during the transfer windows, and he is, but Newcastle have repeatedly made very very smart moves in the last few years. They sold Andy Carroll, remember that guy, for a solid 3-4 times what he was worth and flipped that into Demba Ba and Cisse. This move could also pan out into another steal of a deal.

Arsenal Complete Capture Of Nacho Monreal-The Short Fuse

I say capture because who would play for Arsene willingly.

Balotelli By The Numbers-Bitter And Blue

I am no expert but this does not seem like the kind of numbers that warrant a 20 plus million bid. And I mean that using any currency, I wouldn't pay 20 million Weimar Republic Marks for Balotelli. I might pay that to put him in a one man show on Broadway where I just give him a mic and let him talk. Just not to do anything involving kicking a ball or interacting with humans.

Reporter Turns Table On Video Bomber-SB Nation

Fun fact this the first question I was ever asked by the editorial staff here. But to the greater question of is this reporter in the right, is a bitt more complicated then it would first seem. Now for live TV news this may seem extreme, but TV news sucks and seems to live in this detached alternate reality. And the women in question was really being very rude to some people just trying to do their jobs. By the way the Producer who sent this crew to Bourbon Street at night to shoot live standup's is an idiot, hates this reporter, or both. Now in a similar situation such as a comedy club when this happens it seems to be accepted that this is an appropriate response (NSFW Audio).

I mean horrendous things have been said by some people who are really respected in the industry, just Google it and get ready to either be offended or laugh your as off. In the end I think this reporter was put into a shitty situation and did a pretty good job with it. I know I don't watch local news (because it always sucks) but if I am flipping through the channels and I see that I am glued. She also didn't say anything your aren't allowed to say on TV, Evening news often covers STD's so what's the big deal. No joke though her Executive Producer is the worst.