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Video of Gareth Bale's two goals against Lyon

Gareth Bale is better than you. And he knows it.

If the last month hasn't made you want to curl up in bed and think about Gareth Bale for hours, his two goals against Olympique Lyon sure will. The Welshman put some pixie dust on the ball yet again, made it do things that were previously thought impossible and the result was two wonderful highlights, a Tottenham win and another tale in the legend of Bale at White Hart Lane.

The first goal was simply brilliant. To make a ball knuckle and dip like that just inside the post is reason enough to believe that Bale is a witch. His second goal wasn't as good, but he still hit the piss out of it and when was the last time anyone has every complained about a stoppage time winner? Exactly.

So just how good is Bale? Let's play the numbers game:

  • Bale has 10 goals in his last 10 matches.
  • Bale has scored each of Spurs' last six goals.
  • Bale has three free kick goals in his last two matches.
  • 1+1=11 if Bale says it does.

Happy Balentines Day.