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Community Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links February 15, 2013

TheRoosevelts is M.I.A. so you guys are on your own in terms of finding links this morning.

Paul Gilham

Happy Friday, Spursland! I don't know what happened to TheRoosevelts. I assume he's on his way to London to give Gareth Bale his Valentine. (Hint: It's sex.) As a result it's going to be up to us to come up with news and links. Here's I'll start everything off with some things that I've been reading lately and then you guys can fill in more as the day goes along.

Twitter Reacts To Gareth Bale's Free Kicks - 101 Great Goals

Some of these tweets are pretty boring, but it pretty much runs the gammut of what you would expect Twitter's reactions to be.

Arsene Wenger Makes Sense - Sky Sports

Wenger says we all need to cool it on the Ronaldo and Messi comparisons for Bale. I couldn't agree more, Arsene.


Presented without comment.

Inside the Blind Baseball World Series - SB Nation

Sometimes the whole long form culture in journalism is annoying, but this story is awesome. Blind Baseball! Are you kidding me!?

Oscar Pistorius Facing Murder Charges - New York Times

This story has not gained nearly enough traction here in the states. Imagine if this was Lance Armstrong! This whole thing is very weird.

Craft Beer Power Rankings - Food Republic

Unfortunately, I can only get about 2/10 of these in South Florida. Unless I want to drive 30 minutes to a Total Wine or something. All the rest of you that live in places with great brewing culture, I am jealous of you. Also, if you leave near any of these festivals and aren't going you should feel bad.

The New PS4 Controller is Here...Probably - IGN

Here's how you know this console generation has been too long: I'm officially considering switching to PC gaming. Yep. I love my PS3, but I look at how good the graphics look on PC and I think maybe I should just build my own gaming PC. It can't be that hard, right?