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Gareth Bale: Will He or Won't He? Who Cares!

After another big Gareth Bale performance the media continues to whip up the Gareth Bale transfer frenzy, but Tottenham Fans should just ignore it.

Paul Gilham

This Gareth Bale kid is kind of good at football. I leave it to other people to debate just how good he is. Gareth Bale has had a great run of games and as a result the media in England and Spain (and probably a bunch of other countries) can't help but create all sorts of transfer rumors about the Welsh winger. Real Madrid has a long rumored infatuation with Bale and anytime he plays well the media begins to specultate.

The media speculation, unfortunately, has a sort of polarizing effect on Tottenham Hotspur. I saw it in the comments yesterday. People said Bale would definitely go to Madrid because he is "ambitious" or "egotistical" (two things most footballers probably are). Some said he's a homebody and would have trouble leaving his partner and newborn child. I'll be honest, I don't really care.

Gareth Bale may stay or he may not. He may stick around if Tottenham offer Champions League football, but if some club offers £40 million or more Tottenham may be inclined to sell. Who cares? Gareth Bale is a Tottenham Hotspur player. He may be the best Tottenham player that some of us have ever seen, especially for newer or younger fans. That's why it's important to appreciate what we have, while we have it.

Many will start to fret every time Gareth talks about how it might be fun to play in Italy or Spain. Those same people will exult in every interview that Gareth gives talking about enjoying his football at Spurs and not thinking about a move. Me? I care about his performances on the pitch. Why spoil my enjoyment of his career with needless worry?

I became a Spurs fan in the early part of the last decade. It wasn't the best time to be a Spurs fan. We were mid-table at best. Of course we were going to struggle to keep our best players. Michael Carrick left. Dimitar Berbatov came and went. Robbie Keane left, came back, then left again. Did it suck to lose those guys? Sure it did. Does that make mean I didn't love every minute of their performances in lillywhite.

That's what I implore all of you to do. Don't waste time on this will he or won't he soap opera. Love every minute of Gareth Bale's performances for Tottenham Hotspur and don't fret that a 20 goal season will put him on the next flight to Madrid. Bale is a Tottenham Hotspur player and he will continue to be one until he isn't. Deep, right? Just enjoy the ride.