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David Bentley goes on loan to Blackburn

He was The Hair before Scotty was The Hair. Never forget.

Pete Norton

With David Bentley very much not in Tottenham Hotspur's plans for the foreseeable future, he was always an excellent candidate to go out on loan. When a deal didn't get done on deadline day, there was plenty of concern abound that Spurs would be shackled with his wages for the rest of the season, but he's found himself a place to play. Because the loan deadline is in March, everyone could take their time.

Today, Tottenham announced that Bentley will be spending the rest of the season on loan at Blackburn Rovers.

In this scenario, everybody wins. Bentley gets to go back to a club where he was a brilliant and well-liked player, and he'll have a chance to get regular playing time. Spurs get his wages, or part of his wages, off the books for the rest of the year. Blackburn get a player who could potentially help them get promoted without a long-term financial commitment. If they do get promoted, Tottenham will be willing to part with Bentley on the cheap, whether or not there's a purchase agreement in the loan deal.

Yay, everyone's happy.