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Tottenham's Plans For A New Stadium Continue To Move Forward

The Northumberland Development Project continues to lumber forward as the Haringey Council have resolved to acquire some land in Haringey to help Tottenham Hotspur build their new stadium.

Michael Steele

Remember the Northumberland Development Project (NDP)? Sure you do. It's that thing, that is eventually going to give Tottenham Hotspur a new stadium that will help make the club financially competitive with the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and other clubs that have huge match day revenues.

In the most recent installment of our monthly updates on the NDP, or at least that's what these posts seem like, he London Borough of Haringey's cabinet has resolved to authorise a land acquisition that will allow Tottenham Hotspur to go ahead with its plans for a new stadium in north London. Under the terms of the deal, the Council will acquire land for development in order to remove the risk of some of the owners of neighboring properties seeking injunctions to prevent construction of the development. The Council will then grant a 999 year lease of the land to Spurs.

Here's a link to the report that the Council made to the cabinet. Peruse it at your leisure. The important point seems to be the focus on the regeneration of Tottenham and that the stadium will provide a "catalyst for the long-term physical regeneration of Tottenham." Additionally the report states:

The development proposals present an opportunity for the Council's strategic regeneration goals to be realised in what is acknowledged and recognised as a part of the Borough which suffers from endemic socio-economic deprivation and environmental issues.

Additionally, the article says that earlier this month the club and the Council entered into an agreement under which Spurs confirmed they will be staying in Tottenham and, as a result, the Council pledged to invest £9 million towards improvements of the area.