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Harry Kane signs new contract, heads on loan

After picking up an injury and struggling to break into the Norwich team earlier this season, Harry Kane is heading to Leicester for the remainder of the year. He's also signed a new deal through 2017.

Julian Finney

It's been a tough year for Harry Kane. Most of us thought he'd go on loan to a Premier League side, put together a decent season, and start challenging for a spot in Tottenham Hotspur's first 18 next season. Unfortunately, an injury kept him from having much of a chance to break into the first team at Norwich. He's recovered from that injury, though, and will finish the season in the Championship with Leicester. He's also signed a new deal.

While it's been a tough year for Kane, it's worth remembering that he's still just 19 years old. He looks something between a striker and attacking midfielder at this point, and he's been good for Millwall, Leyton Orient and the England Under-19 team. Hopefully Kane can get some playing time for Leicester and get himself in a position where a Premier League team want him for next season.

Also worth noting here, since these announcements happened on the same day and I don't have enough to say about Jordan Archer to make this its own post: Jordan Archer signed a new deal today as well.