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Olympique Lyonnais Condemn Attack On Tottenham Fans

Following last night's attack on Tottenham Hotspur fans by a group of Lyon Ultras, the French club has released a statement calling for severe sanctions for the offenders.

Paul Gilham

Yesterday, Tottenham fans who had gathered at the Smoking Dog pub in Lyon were attacked by a gang of masked men. Three Tottenham fans were hospitalized and arrests have been made, at least according to the Tottenham Hotspur twitter account:

Now, Lyon has released a statement.

"Olympique Lyonnais deplore the incidents overnight in the Saint-Jean district between the supporters of Tottenham and the 'pseudo' supporters of Lyon who absolutely do not represent the club."

"Olympique Lyonnais apologises to Tottenham and its supporters for the inadmissible acts which degrade the image of the town of Lyon. Olympique Lyonnais call on the French justice system to impose severe sanctions for these reprehensible acts."


It's certainly unfortunate that a few Lyon "fans" did this, but neither I, nor any of the rest of us, should condemn the club for this. Obviously, these are words that Lyon has to say. That can't very well release a statement that says the exact opposite of this. It's nice to see that injuries were minor and that arrests have been made. Hopefully now we can all just concentrate on football without any further incidents.