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Video: Watch Moussa Dembele score a stunner, knock your socks off

Moussa Dembele can do no wrong.

The following are acceptable words to describe Moussa Dembele: Wonderful, magnificent, marvelous, huggable, excellent, fantastic, tremendous, wondrous, great, brilliant, superb, amazing, tremendous, ace, super, bodacious, awesome, super, grand and bestest.

The following are acceptable questions to ask Moussa Dembele: "How did you get to be so [insert acceptable word to describe Dembele here]?" "You can solve all of the world's problems so why don't you?" and "Will you marry me?"

On this day, and probably for the next several days (or however long YouTube lasts), Dembele will one step above perfect because he scored in the 90th minute to send Spurs to the Europa League round of 16. But it wasn't just your average goal. It was a shimmy past one defender and an absolute rocket just inside the post that was so amazing it literally knocked your socks off. Probably.

Moussa Dembele is a shiny golden god. Deal with it.