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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for February 22, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links, on Ronaldinho, Twitter, the Moose and hooligan attacks.

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Happy Friday Spursland! Ah, the moose. The noblest of woodland creatures. According to my many many viewings of every episode of Survivorman (suck it Bear Grylls) the moose is a dangerous animal that can often be meek in personalty. Just don't get in it's way when there is something it wants, especially during mating season, which happens to be right about now. Don't even try and stop a Moose on it's way to goal, and if you are French ... well, I mean, we all know how that goes.

But seriously don't fuck with the noble Moose.

And now the "news"

VIDEO (NSFW Audio):Camera Phone Footage From Inside The Pub When Far Right Hooligans Attack Spurs Supporters-The Guardian

Who are these guys drinking in this pub, are they special forces troops or something? Aside from the one guy shouting everyone seems to be at most mildly annoyed by this entire happening. You get the impression that these fellas have seen some real real stuff go down that far surpasses a few broken windows. Either that or the bartenders are very heavy handed on the pours, which makes them the good kind.

AVB: More To Tottenham Than Just Bale-Telegraph

Yeah, like the lynchpin of our midfield, the great and in many cases courteous Mouse.

Jonathan Trott Spurred On To England Form After Beating Bale-Metro

Now that headline seems misleading, and yet it really isn't. Tottenham however must regain their honor after this loss. Our tenacious champion challenges Trotter to a race on equal ground neither's skill in their own sport will help them here. See you in the pool Trotter.

Do Footballers Know How Social Media Works?-7500 To Holte

They seem to know how twitter works just fine. I am not sure that Eric Lichaj knows how dating works though. You know who could give him some pointers? Oh you know who.

The ACC is Opening A Restaruant, Really SB Nation Writes it's Menu-SB Nation

The king of culinary writing in this country and as far as most cooks are concerned the world; Anthony Bourdain has an entire chapter in his tour de force (or tour de douchedom depending on who you are) Kitchen Confidential titled "Who Should Own A Restaurant". In it he details mostly who shouldn't open a restaurant, for example everyone you know. At no point did Mr. Bourdain mention the least major of all major NCAA conferences, so it just shows you how dumb the guy all the way on the right on TheTaste is.

Ronaldinho Is A Big Meanie-SB Nation

That is the work of an evil genius. Don't try that type of stuff on a certain Spurs player, or you end up on the deck.