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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 25, 2013

50 Cent kisses Erin Andrews sorta, Bale is getting braggy and science has no place in AVB's lockerroom

Jamie McDonald

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Are you ready for some football!

And now the "news"

We Have Overtaken Arsenal, Says Bale- Sky Sports

Easy there, killer, Next thing you know you will be bragging about being better than Liverpool.

Adebayor Blames Togo Federation For Complicated Return To London- The Guardian

Just when you thought you were done reading about this crap, they pull you back in to actually paying attention to Togo. That is an impressive acomplishment on the part of whatever evil empire is behind this saga, considering that I, king of the nerds, couldn't find Togo on a map if I tried (Editor's note: I can. You're fired as king.). Either way, I just hope that this gets all the dirty laundry aired out soon, because so far it has been frightfully boring, but it has still garnered enough media attention that you just know there is some tawdry stuff underneath the surface.

AVB Channels Pat Robertson, Refused Science!- The Independent

Sensationalist headline writing practice. I'll need to if I, for any reason, want to make a jump over to the New York Post.

Swansea Become First Welsh League Cup Winners- SB Nation Soccer

Somewhere Llywelyn ap Gruffudd is smiling.

Chelsea Embarrass Themselves Against City- We Ain't Got No History

They don't need to lose to City to be embarassed. #rimshot

50 Cent Kisses Erin Andrew, Erin Andrews Is Not In To It- SB Nation

You never want a headline about yourself that invites comparisons to a drunk Joe Namith.

Ronda Rousey Vs, Liz Carmouche Lives Up To The Billing- MMA Fighting

It did live up to the hype, and the predictable result of a first round arm bar was in serious doubt. But this fight did highlight the huge holes you leave open in MMA when Judo is your base discipline.