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Here is the most adorable picture of Bale and AVB ever


Jamie McDonald

Oh my god. I can't. This is probably my favorite picture of any Tottenham-related personnel that I've seen in quite some time. The fact that Gareth Bale ran over to his manager to give him a big hug after scoring this absolutely freaking ridiculous goal (video and GIF) tells you everything about this current team.

We complain about some individual player performances quite a bit, and debate whether or not we need to buy better players at certain positions. We often complain about Andre Villas-Boas' team selections and substitutions. There's a lot to debate, because Spurs certainly aren't perfect right now, but doesn't this picture tell you exactly why everyone's morale -- fans and players alike -- is so high even after mediocre performances?

The players and staff really like each other, respect each other, motivate each other and want to work their asses off for each other. Is that going to be enough for third place? Of course not, you need to do football things well to win football matches, but this certainly doesn't hurt.

Gareth and Andre are adorable and I love them.

Photo from Jamie McDonald/Getty Images.

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