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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for February 26, 2013

Guys, Gareth Bale is really cool.

Jamie McDonald

Editor's note: My fault this wasn't up earlier. -Kevin

Happy TuesdOMG GARETH BALE!!!!! OK guys, we all saw what happened yesterday. It was amazing, it was the kind of play we have seen from our players (ok mostly Bale with a cameo from the largest member of the deer family) a lot lately. Rising to the challenge where for years we watched our players shrink from them. For years we have seen Man U squads come from behind to snatch victory from the jaws of justice defeat. The last minutes of the game belonged to those clad in red and managed by Sir Alex Ferguson for years and years. No longer I say, they have been usurped. The last minutes of the game, however long they go on for, shall from this day forward never again be known as Fergie time. They are now the realm of Gareth Bale and saddened keepers. Welcome to the Bale time era. Fergie Time Is dead, long live Bale Time.

And now the "news"

It's Not About Me, Says Bale-Sky Sports

You see, you can say that and it is true but a part of you just knows that it's a lot about you. By the way can I lick your left foot sir? If not that's cool but the offer will stand.

How Twitter Reacted To Bale's Late Goal-101 Great Goals

If you want to know how I reacted to hearing about Bale's goal, someone ran into the room I was in and screamed "Bale Winner in the 90th from outside the box, AGAIN" and then I kind of did this.

One of the best points made in those tweets points out that this win put Spurs above Chelsea in the league after the 27th game of the year and Chelsea sacked AVB after his 27 league game there. This is just the bestest.

David De Gea And Acceptable Imperfection-SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas wins yet again with his defense of David De Gea from the haters.

What is Wrong With Barcelona?- SB Nation Soccer

They don't have Gareth Bale, obviously.

The New Dynamo Kit's Are Out-SB Nation Soccer

And they are the most average thing ever, they are the clothing equivalent of the Taft administration, or Kirsten Stewart.

The Incompetence Of Life Combine- SB Nation

Somehow they left out the category I score best in, making a sandwich for a friend.