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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 5, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links

Jamie McDonald

Editor's note: I don't feel like editing the Hoddle. Ashlock and Ryan didn't do it last night because reasons. I present theroosevelts to you in all of his unedited glory.

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Ah, February 5th, a day when in the course of human history literally nothing interesting has happened, lets see if today will be any different.

And now the "news"

One Of Us: The Brilliance And Carnage Of Paul Gascoigne-The Daisy Cutter

Gazza has been admitted to a treatment center here in the states. At this point I suspect people have stopped counting how many rehab stints this is for the very brilliant, loved, but troubled man. Spursland, lets send some prayers, or if that isn't your things, some positive vibes his way.

Holtby Loving Being In London-Sky Sports

We are also getting reports that he, Johnny Vertical and Dembele are turning into quite the dude-bros. Which is awesome.

Romance Reality And Pepe Reina-The Liverpool Offside

Is it possible that we have found a Liverpool fan that isn't an insufferable frat boy? I think so, this is top drawer stuff.

7 Cupcake Players Make USMNT, Landon Out-Stars And Stripes FC

In a cable from the Honduras Department Of Sport to newly installed Secretary Of State John Kerry Honduras stated "We really fucking love cupcakes".

A night In Charm City-SB Nation

And as a special treat for all of you who decided that they hated me yesterday based on my cheering for my hometown team based on you hating on player out of like 70 on the roster, watch as Ray Lewis lose a title. He really is not good at wrestling but somehow got to the state finals, blame deer antler spray I guess, or it being Florida and 1992.

Danny Simpson Got The Shit Beat Out Of Him-Deadspin

"Started one fight before getting caught in another", he sounds like a fun guy to hang with, a poor imitation of Sean Bean.