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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For February 6, 2013

Tottenham hotspur daily links

Julian Finney

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Big ups to all of our Kiwi Spurs fans today on this, the 173rd anniversary of them being founded as a British colony. Or not. I don't know how seriously you guys take this, but I pimp America enough in this very international community and let's face it, you guys are awesome and you were due.

PS: What is the secret to getting Peter Jackson to show restraint? Just figured you guys were the people to ask. Go All Blacks

And now the "news"

England Stars Backing Gazza- Sky Sports

Once again, thoughts and vibes.

Pritchard Looking To Live Up To The Hype- BBC

I haven't been this excited since my first summer supporting Spurs when we crowbarred John Bostock away from Crystal Palace. History doesn't always repeat itself, right?

Bale To Go Forward For Wales- Daily Star

This could be anywhere between moderately bad to totally freaking awesome for us. Worst case scenario: Bale is bad at it, but demands to be played up front in order to score more. Most likely scenario: His time playing up front internationally has minor negative effects on his positioning playing wing for us. Most awesome scenario: we need to do some re-branding on "The".

USMNT Begins A Difficult Hex Campaign- SB Nation Soccer

I am refusing to watch a game until the last of the hex (however many that is) for health reasons. My doctor doesn't think my heart can take the spike in blood pressure.

Enforcer To Return For Spurs Match-Coming Home Newcastle

You don't have Demba Ba anymore so I don't care about your puny "enforcer". Look, we has seen this scenario before. It doesn't go well for the bad guys.

Liverpool Linked To Match Fixing Non-Story- Liverpool Offside

As was pointed out yesterday by journalism/dirt-rag juggernaut Deadspin, Liverpool once only scored one goal against a keeper trying to let more goals in. Rafa Benitez really is fucking awful.