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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 1, 2013

It's the last Hoddle before the North London Derby. Enjoy!

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Julian Finney

Editor's Note: Not sure why Kevin didn't get this scheduled on time, but here it is. I'm at work and don't really feel like editing it, so I hope everything in here makes sense. Enjoy.

Happy Friday Spursland! It's time, Arsenal is finally here. I'll be eating lasagna the night before the match. I'm living on the edge.

And now the "news"

Spurs Could Be Close To Stealing Ba-Sky Sports

Not that Ba, that's the old Ba. This is the newest of the new Ba's. 19 year old defensive midfielder anyone? Parker is old Livermore can be solid but inconsistent and Sandro is slowly developing the reputation of a player made out of paper mache. Might not be the worst idea to pick this kid up on a free in the summer. Warning though, in the picture in the article he looks a bit like Dobby the house elf.

I Don't Model My game On Ronaldo" Says Bale-The Guardian

I am guessing the Guardian's guy cut off the quote there. It probably continued something like, "Because I'm not a douche bag all my teammates hate". English papers and their lack of journalistic ethics, am I right?

Spurs And Arsenal Issue Warnings Against Abusive Chanting Before Derby Match-Telegraph

"I am sure that will do the trick" a very optimistic Adebayor was totally not overheard saying.

Wretches Of The Hidden Temple-SB Nation

This came out yesterday but I wanted to wait a day to really comment on this because as someone who grew up with this show, I can tell you after a day of reflection that at 27 years of age I still consider this to be an Olympic level achievement. Winning Legends Of The Hidden Temple is incredibly hard. Hell getting out of the Shrine Of The Silver Monkey might be harder than hitting a MLB baseball. And after all these years can someone explain to me what you can do with that extra half pendant of life?

Lewandoski Set To Move This Summer-SB Nation Soccer

What is Polish for "The New The"?

Unpicking Rafa's Rant-SB Nation

I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado of rants, I subscribe to the magazine and everything. So I feel qualified to say that after seeing video of this I wouldn't call this a rant, more a reasoned unloading of some baggage. And all it really boils down to is one guy who respect him or not, love him or hate him, has been very very successful in his career and he would like a little respect. That said nobody is allowed to have that desire anymore, or worse to express those feelings to anyone. God knows it isn't reasonable for fans to be somewhat behind you when you are still winning and still trying to turn a team around and it is only your first year.