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Gareth Bale and AVB win Player and Manager of the Month

The burgeoning bromance between our biggest star and the gaffer continued as the scooped up this month's top honours- and presumably dedicated them to each other

Jamie McDonald

A little pick-me-up to encourage you to push through to the weekend this morning out of Hotspur Way- Andre Villas-Boas has been awarded Barclays Manager of the Month for steering Spurs towards maximum points in February, while Gareth Bale has been named Player of the Month for his stellar contributions to said achievement.

The sharing of honours between Bale and AVB is a perfect illustration of the incredibly provident partnership and understanding which the two seem to have struck up this season. Bale has made a big point of appearing very chummy with AVB recently (illustrated by the bundle of wonderful above) and went on record recently to praise his manager's inspirational coaching style, and it's only right that the pair should both be credited together for coming up with a winning formula that has brought Spurs so much success in the League of late.

Congrats to Gareth and Andre, and here's to another three months at least of the most successful bromance in the Premiership right now.