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'Who would win NLD Thunderdome?' and other questions for an Arsenal fan

You asked Ted some questions, and he answered because he's cool.

Julian Finney

Yesterday, you asked questions of Ted from The Short Fuse. Today, he answers your questions. Things that you said are in bold, his answers are below. You can check out my answers to TSF's questions right here.

When you played soccer back in the day, what Arsenal player did you have in your head?

Since I almost always got stuck at full back, it was mostly Lauren or, later, Gael Clichy.

Who hasn't had a phenomenal season that will show up on Sunday?

I'd hate to try to predict the wildness that is Arsenal this year, but I do think that Olivier Giroud could make a difference on Sunday if his hold-up play is good. Carl Jenkinson will also have to step up and play well; he's also been a little inconsistent this season.

Let's say, for some reason, Arsenal and Tottenham decide to replace the football game with Thunderdome. Thunderdome is erected in the center of White Hart Lane. Obviously, two men enter, one man leaves. Assuming our entire rosters were healthy, who would be the five players you'd send in, and which team would win?

Tottenham: Kaboul, Huddlestone, Lennon, Friedel, and Caulker.
Arsenal: Per (for the reach), Wilshere, Vermaelen, Coquelin and Frimpong.

I think Spurs take it, because Huddlestone can probably take a lot of punching, and Brad Friedel...I just don't trust. He looks hard and sneaky.

Why does Arsenal get so worked up for games against Stoke and Sunderland?

I wasn't really aware that Sunderland was a thing, but Stoke is Stoke. Tony Pulis is Tony Pulis. That one kind of explains itself. And the whole smash--Aaron--Ramsey thing, too.

What is Jack Wilshere's ceiling?

We see him as turning into a more attacking presence at the front of the midfield. If he reaches his maximum potential, think Cesc, but maybe more driving and less trying through balls.

Let's assume that Arsenal finish fifth and Wenger leaves. Who is your ideal replacement, and who do you think realistically would replace him?

Jürgen Klopp (although I kind of like David Moyes, too?!) but a realistic and pre-Wenger-approved replacement is this man:

Seeing as Arsenal has now ceded France to the Geordies, what country would you like to raid for talent?

I didn't realize we ceded France to Newcastle, but yeah. Arsenal have been doing good work in Spain, but the top top talent there is hard to get. I'd like to see more Belgium and Germany, myself.