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Inter Milan vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Final score 4-1 (4-4), instant reaction

Hahaha seriously what the hell

Michael Regan

I'm not sure that this game deserves a real match report, because I'm not sure that Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan played a real game on Thursday. With Gareth Bale suspended, Aaron Lennon recovering from an injury and the tie all but in the bag, Andre Villas-Boas picked a weird team that didn't play well together. They were poor for the 90 minutes of regulation, and deserved to lose 3-0. They were lucky to hold on for extra time.

The good news is that Inter's defense isn't actually any better than the one we destroyed last Thursday, and a bunch of decent players didn't magically forget how to play football. In the 95th minute, Moussa Dembele smashed a shot that Samir Handanovic re-directed into the center of goal, to a waiting Emmanuel Adebayor. The Spurs striker had been poor up until that point, but fell down in a direction that caused him to direct a valuable away goal into Inter's net.

Ricky Alvarez set up a nervy finish, heading in a cross at the back post in the 110th minute to level the tie on aggregate, but Spurs progressed on away goals after a 4-1 Inter victory on the night.

Some thoughts:

- Thank whatever deity or thing you worship that this game is over

- Brad Friedel is still old

- Billy Gallas is still old

- Kyle Naughton and Kyle Walker still have below average positioning

- Jake Livermore and Scott Parker were not actually that bad, good for them

- Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor were comical

- Moussa Dembele, Lewis Holtby and Gylfi Sigurdsson all CAN be wide players, but I only want to see one of them deployed as a "winger" at a time. It's fine when they're in a fluid attacking midfield three with Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon. Otherwise? Disaster.

- Who cares who was at blame for this goal or that goal, basically everyone sucked

- I don't think everyone is going to suck against Fulham. Let's smash them.