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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotpsur news and links for March 15, 2013

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on racist chanting, winning without Bale, handshake snubs and Pope Francis.

Marco Luzzani

Happy Friday Spursland! Yesterday I complimented the Catholic Church on their ability to troll journalists, and I meant every single word of it. But the Church has been firmly upstaged by our boys yesterday in Milan. Oh it was beautiful stuff. The inter fans went in to that game just broken, they knew they weren't going through when they walked into the stadium. For all intents and purposes they were just people sitting together on plastic seats, nothing more. And we did the impossible, we gave them hope, they started to think it was possible, they started to believe and then just when they felt like they had it, it was god's will THE HAMMER DROPPS.

Pop quiz, which geographic location is home to more broken dreams right now, LA or Lombardi? Any other day you don't even need to think about it, but not today.

And not the "news"

Tottenham Subjected To Racist Chanting In Italy, Again-Sky Sports"

What is this like the 4th time this season that the players and fans have had to deal with this? Seriously the next time some idiot says in an offhand way "I really think racism doesn't exist in the modern world anymore", please just point them towards what sure seems like half the teams in Europe. It is unacceptable that this behavior is publicly tolerated in such a manner. Don't get me wrong, if you believe in this stuff I respect your right to be ignorant, but keep that to yourself.

Tottenham Don't Need To Prove They Can Win Without Bale Says AVB-The Guardian

Most people would have agreed with that, had they seen that yesterday prior to 6 pm GMT. Not at anytime after that though.

Rafa Claims Handshake Snub From Sir Alex-The Busby Babe

This is old news and you shouldn't really care but LOOK either Rafa is being a cry baby or Sir Alex is a dick. Both sides to one story have never seemed more plausible.

Mexico Names Squad For USMNT Game-SB Nation Soccer

Not that who they selected really matters, they could probably put ever Mexican citizens name into a random, Hunger Games style drawing pick 11 names and send them out and still beat the USMNT right now.

Pope Francis Is A Card Carrying San Lorenzo Fan-SB Nation

No seriously, he has a card.

Greg Maddux Has An Impressive Sweater-SB Nation

He is probably a really ice guy but is there anyone, in the world, that has a stupider face than Greg Maddux?