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Saturday Football Open Thread

Come chat some football with the Cartilage Free Commentariat

Christopher Lee

Happy Spursday, one and all. Miffed at having to wait until Sunday once again to watch Spurs play their next Premier League tie? Well, fortunately, there are some pretty intriguing fixtures taking place elsewhere today to tide yourselves over with, kicking off with Everton-Man City, the result of which will have important ramifications for Tottenham's season either way.

Today's schedule:

Everton vs Man City- 12.45 GMT/7.45 ET

Aston Villa vs QPR- 15.00 GMT/10.00 ET

Southampton vs Liverpool- 15.00 GMT/10.00 ET

Stoke vs West Brom- 15.00 GMT/10.00 ET

Swansea vs Arsenal- 15.00 GMT/10.00 ET

Man Utd vs Reading- 17.30 GMT/12.30 ET

Outside of Britain, Leverkeusen-Bayern at 12.30 ET looks to be the pick of the Bundesliga games today, while Serie A leaders Juventus will look to consolidate their cosy position against Bologna at 14.45 ET and Madrid take on Mallorca at 14.00 ET. Now let's keep it clean, keep it friendly, and all have a lovely... lovely time together.