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Writers Prediction League - Spurs vs. Fulham

The writers at Cartilage Free Captain predict the result for Tottenham Hotspur's match vs. Fulham.

Jan Kruger

A tough week. After a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to Liverpool on Sunday, Spurs nearly pissed away a 3-0 aggregate lead in the Europa League, requiring 30 minutes of extra time and away goals to defeat Inter. But Gareth Bale sat out the leg, and other fresh Spurs players will look to come into the side an make an impact in their return to Premier League action.

Today sees Spurs hosting Fulham, sitting 11th in the table. Fulham have been solid and unspectacular this season, and have generally been in better form of late. The attack is led by the duo of Dimitar Berbatov and Bryan Ruiz, while Brede Hangeland remains the marshall of the defense.

As for the Prediction League, only Ryan and Kevin foresaw losses against Liverpool. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League--one point for a correct prediction, a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Name Score
Mechanick 22
Petrilli 22
Ashlock 21
Ryan 19
Ed 15
Uncle Menno 15
Kevin 15
The Roosevelts 13

This week's predictions:

Kevin: Forgot to write this in before the game. My pick was 1-0 Spurs so you obviously know I'm not trying to steal points here.

Mechanick: A rotated Spurs defense shuts down Fulham, while Bale puts the team on his back. 1-0 Spurs

Ryan: Scott Parker will spin in a circle multiple times. Spurs 2-1.

Ashlock: I have basically no idea how the club will respond after successive "defeats". Hopefully, we bounce back. 1-0 Spurs.

The Roosevelts: I am not in an emotionally stable enough state to justify this after the Inter game. 2-1 Spurs

Ed: A lot of this game sucks but ultimately we scrape the result we want. This is the story of the rest of our season. 3-2 Spurs


Uncle Menno: Bale's back, Azza's healthy, Gallas returns to the pine. All good. 2-0 Spurs.


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