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Monday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for March 18, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur daily links, today on secrets Kyle Walker has, nagging injuries, Leon Osman and face-punching.

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Richard Heathcote

Happy Monday Spursland! Oh look at you, you just couldn't stop yourself from getting blind stinking drunk on a Sunday could you. It's ok though, you might not think so since you are currently wishing death to happen to you and you need to be a productive member of society within the next hour or so, but i got you covered. Let my close personal friend (we emailed once) Zane Lamprey help you out. He is an expert.

And now the "news"

Walker Says He Knows The Secret To Stopping Bale-Sky Sports

Excellent, now if perhaps he could work out the secrets to stopping literally anyone else. If that is to big a request, maybe he could learn that when the opposition has the ball in our third of the pitch he should be in the general area of our box.

Lennon And Dawson Withdraw From England Squad-BBC

Sucks for country but definitely the right decision for club. Lennon has been banged up and Dawson is old, not super old but he sure plays like it. Need to rest up, stay healthy and if they could figure out how to get some offense going I guess that would be nice.

AVB Does Not Worry About Fatigue-Telegraph

I like AVB's style of thinking! See great danger ahead and completely ignore it. I think I am going to fly to the cliffs at Dover and just take a walk towards France, whatever happens it will probably not be that big of a deal right?

Leon Osman Scores A Decent Goal-SB Nation Soccer

I bet he also likes his ladies with cuuurrrrvveess.

Jerzy Gorgon: The Greatest Defender Ever-SB Nation Soccer

Obviously nobody remembers my play at the back for my high school's JV B side way back when.

UFC 158, The Aftermath-MMA Fighting

I didn't see these fights due to being face down drunk at the time, however I would bet that if anyone less, lets say interesting, than Mr. Diaz had fought GSP, people would be saying things along the lines of "Yawn, yet another decision victory for GSP. He does realize he can just finish this guys who aren't near his level, and get paid the same amount for like 1/20th the cage time right?"

NCAABB Tournament Brackets Are Out-SB Nation

Gambling season! Yessssss!