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Contribute To The Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag

At somewhat notice, come pitch the questions you want answered on the next WDR.

Richard Heathcote

The Wheeler Dealer Radio crew are coming back to you with a show that will seek to dissect all the terrible, terrible things that have happened to Tottenham over the last few weeks, and then try to look towards the immediate future with optimism. We'll break down the Liverpool, Inter and Fulham defeats, trying to give a little attention to each while pulling out some general themes about where it's all been going wrong for AVB's Blue and White Army of late. Then we'll discuss our next upcoming Premier League match, away at Swansea, and touch briefly on the recent Europa League draw which paired us with FC Basel.

And of course, at some point during all of that, we'll be answering some questions from the commentariat too. Want to get involved? Here's how:

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