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Saturday Match Open Thread

Lots of big games today that AREN'T the North London Derby.

Paul Thomas

Hi, gang! Happy Saturday! I know we're all looking forward to the big match with the Scum tomorrow, but there's plenty of good games today in the EPL. Use this thread to discuss them.

Television Schedule

Manchester United vs Norwich City, 10am, ESPN2 and
Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion, 10am, FOX Soccer
Everton vs Reading, 10am, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go
Southampton vs QPR, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Stoke City vs West Ham United, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Sunderland vs Fulham, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Swansea City vs Newcastle, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer

Once again, a reminder: all of these games are viewable in the United States, so please do not post links to illegal feeds in the comments.

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