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Community Hoddle of Coffee for March 21, 2013

TheRoosevelts drank too much last night. Surprise!

Bryn Lennon

Guess what? Your buddy TheRoosevelts got really tanked last night and couldn't write the Hoddle. This is your space to post in interesting links that you find. Read anything cool, about Tottenham Hotspur or anything else, that you found interesting? Drop it in the comments and I'll add it to this post.

One thing I will link is this match report of the NextGen game, which we lost to Sporting Lisbon last night. Sounds like it was a cracker.

Comment away!


A Yugoslav dream team | SB Nation

Kirsten from 7500 to Holte and Graham from WAG did a great job putting this together.

Captain Clint Dempsey's new rules | Dirty Tackle

Brooks kills it as always

Cousin Niko's hair. Zomg. | Slavic Football Union


Sporting Spotlight: Ledley King | BBC

We'll link anything Ledley.

There, now you have a Hoddle with things to read, no thanks to your resident drunken two-headed American president.