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Tuesday internationals open thread

There are a lot of games on. Talk about them!

Mike Hewitt

I assume everyone's going to be watching the football today, yes? There are a lot of good games on all around the world, and this is your place to talk about them. I'll be watching all kinds of stuff, but I assume there are three main games of interest to this crowd:

France-Spain: 4 pm ET, 8 pm UK. It'll be a good one.
Montenegro-England: 4 pm ET, 8 pm UK. The Three Lions are in some deep ish if they don't win.
Mexico-USA: 10:30 pm ET, 2:30 am UK. A lot of this blog's readers are American and like America.

Obviously, there's plenty of other stuff to watch and talk about, and all of that is welcome. Japan already lost, missing out on a chance to become the first team to qualify for the World Cup. Portugal play right when this post is going up, at 1 pm ET. The Netherlands have a tough one against Romania. Denmark-Bulgaria is big. Everything in Group A is good.

Chat away, friends.