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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links March 28, 2013

In this morning's links: Tottenham support a new college in London, an Arsenal player says some stuff, and things about the NBA.


Happy Thursday, Spursland! When will it end? When will it end? This international break has gone on longer than the red waste the blonde with the dragons walked through in Game Of Thrones. AmIright? #rimshot

And now the "news"

Tottenham Back New Technical College In North London- The Independent

Yeah, look at us all giving back to the community and stuff. That's right, we care about the people, the young ones. We ain't like those other clubs who without doing any research I just assume treat their locals like crap.

Monreal: Tottenham Above Arsenal Is Not Right- Metro

You see, you say that, but it doesn't feel wrong to me. Now how about you eat some of this lasagna I have prepared for you?

The England National Team Is A Failed Brand- SB Nation Soccer

Oh, this one is going to be tough to stomach for some people, and it is honest in the most brutal way possible.

Omar Gonzalez Is Becoming The Defender Klinsmann Always Needed- Stars And Stripes FC

They way Omar played last night you would have thought he was... Omar. Or maybe he should just change his name to Jayne so this song will apply.

Mexico Has Succeeded in Spite Of Chepo -SB Nation Soccer

Kevin dumps a bunch of Debbie Downer on top of the USMNT's historic point at the Azteca, which is probably a good idea as we have been celebrating a goalless draw a little to much, also he takes Mexico's manger out to the woodshed for a nice beating.

VIDEO: An Awesome Tennis Thing Happened And You Should Watch it-SB Nation

I bet they called that the spinaroonie

Phil Jackson Tweets-SB Nation

I guess my secret is out, I am Phil Jackson.

The Miami LeBron's Winning Streak Ends-SB nation

I don't care and neither should you (unless you really like the NBA) the NBA is the Serie A of basketball. I's fixed.

Oh Yeah, the US sent a large contingent of away supporters to that game nobody in England watched or had any reason to care about, they weren't treated so nicely, and exactly 0 fucks were given by Lincoln's boys.