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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Arsenal: Final score 2-1, instant reaction

Okay, so, that was really gut-wrenching and cool and awesome and wow.

Paul Gilham

I'm not really capable of a full match report at the moment. For now, what you get is this reaction post! Tottenham Hotspur held on for a 2-1 win over Arsenal at White Hart Lane today, surviving a bit of a battering for 98 minutes.

Spurs exploited a high line and poor defending from the Gunners for two goals. Gylfi Sigurdsson set up Gareth Bale for the opener, and it was quickly followed up by a similar goal, with Scott Parker setting up Aaron Lennon. Both goals featured the Arsenal midfield failing to put pressure on Spurs midfielders while their defense attempted and failed miserably to catch Bale and Lennon with the offside trap.

Shortly into the second half, Arsenal won a free kick and capitalized, with Per Mertesacker beating Emmanuel Adebayor to the ball and directing past Hugo Lloris. The final touch might have been applied by Gareth Bale, and that one will surely go to the dubious goals panel.

While the ensuing 40 minutes plus stoppage time were horrendously nerve-wracking, Tottenham had the better of the chances, and should have put the game away multiple times. Instead, they were forced to hold on defensively through eight minutes of stoppage time, which they did brilliantly.


- Hugo Lloris was a freaking boss. BOSS.

- Both Ade and Moussa Dembele suffered bad lower-leg injuries that forced them to come off. Let's hope they're strains and sprains, not ligament tears.

- Aaron Lennon was a monster. Better than Bale.


- Both Michael Dawson and Jan Vertonghen were rocks.

- Arsene Wenger's insane sub of Tomas Rosicky for Carl Jenkinson almost worked. Rosicky was Arsenal's best player after he came on and Aaron Ramsey was good at right back.

- Theo LOLcat was invisible.

- Per Mertesacker and Thomas Vermaelen were unfathomably bad in the first half.

- The late-game misses were infuriating. Bale and Sigurdsson both had chances to end the game and they both failed to do so. I'm really happy we hung on, but I'd like it a lot if misses like that never happened again.

- Seven. Freaking. Points. Clear.