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Monday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for March 4, 2013

We are just the best. Also Jai Alai is still a thing.

Paul Gilham

Happy Monday Spursland! Yeeeaaahhh! Wooooooo! Victory! Man, oh man, it was great, wasn't it? Oh it was glorious, it was the best, somebody, anybody, preferably Gareth Bale or Johnny Vertical, just put your bad place on my bad place and give me your babies. ALL OF THE BABIES. I'm totes in the danga zone right now. And I am so OK with that.

And now the"news"

AVB Refuses To Get Carried Away With Derby Win-Sky Sports

Yeah yeah yeah, you stay grounded and always looking forward buddy I'll be over here just getting my dance on.

Villas Boas Finds His Soul At Tottenham-The Guardian

Hey today is the one-year anniversary of that kooky Russian firing our great and glorious dear leader. And in this time, I feel that some reflection is in order on our man. We agonized didn't we, over who was the right choice? Not a lot of us were sold on him. Many of us wanted David Moyes, or Roberto Martinez. I have to say that we made the right choice.

Mexican Federation Bans The Greatest Goal Celebration Ever-SB Nation Soccer

I am going out on a limb but this move is clearly taken from the Lucha Libre Mexican style pro wrestling, and is perhaps named Mistico after one of the biggest stars in Mexican wrestling, Mistico. You may know him as WWE star Sin Cara. That's right, finally after 2 years of shoe horning wrestling references into a soccer blog we might just have a real reason for it to be here.

Can It Be Done-Anfield Asylum

No it can't. Don't be an idiot bro.

Whatever Happened To Jai Alai-SB Nation

They wouldn't have this problem if they just had Gareth Bale or Aaron Lennon. As a certain someone found out yesterday their presence on a field of play solves all problems.