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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for March 5, 2013

Goats, LOLpool, and some nonsense about Bale.

Paul Gilham

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Not long ago round these parts, the people spoke, not really with one voice but three or four out of hundreds spoke. And these three or four demanded #Moatmemes. But as you might suspect since you are scratching your head wondering what the hell #moatmemes is, it' didn't catch on. It's ok though, I got you covered with a bit of one-upsmenships. I give you a day of #goatmemes.

And now the "news"

Bale Best In The World Right Now Says Daws-Sky Sports

OK OK enough. Someone must put a stop to this madness. It has gone on far to lone aided not just by the English press, who are ready to accept any British super player at this point even a Welshmen to try and act as if England remains the center of the footballing world. It is not anymore. Gareth Bale is not the best player in the world. He is not the best player in the world right now. Lets settle on some other naming convention. Lets call him the firework of the moment or something.

Arsenal In A Negative Spiral Says AVB-BBC"

"Oh I knew you were trouble" Arsene is probably thinking as he reads these quotes. Maybe he thought that as long as it was just the common fan of his club, and Piers Morgan belly aching the administration wouldn't notice. But how are they not going to notice THE it manager with devilish charm to boot spouting off the long known truth that he hasn't been up to snuff.

Victory Over Arsenal No Guarantee Of Champions League Says AVB-The Guardian

Is that not how it works? I thought that because We Are The Champions of the North London Derby we automatically get in because we get to live our dreams now.

CONCACAF Champion's League Power Rankings-SB Nation Soccer

Wait, the American teams aren't the worst teams? It's like we have made it! Lets have a party!

Don't Expect Madrid Or United To Sit Back-SB Nation Soccer

And to think there are people thought we couldn't have it all.

We Are Not Thinking About The Top Four Says Rogers-Liverpool Offside

Oh LOLpool, top four is just something that you used to know.

Meanwhile, In Russia...-SB Nation

There is no chance that this guy isn't best friends with Soulja Boy, you remember him don't you?

Ah, and we laughed and laughed.