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Wednesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for March 6, 2013

Why would we battle Arsenal over 'the next Xavi'? His name is Tom Carroll and we already have him.

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Paul Gilham

Happy Humpday Spursland! Hey, remember that time we beat Arsenal? Yeah, that was just too cool.

And now the "news"

Liverpool a Bigger Test Than Arsenal Says Lloris-Telegraph

This is a very troubling sign. I mean, I didn't know that symptoms of Alzheimer's could present this early in life? Maybe we can head this off at the pass if we get together and send him some crossword or sudoku books.

Spurs And Arsenal To Battle Over The Next Xavi-Touchline Talk

I'll save us all some time, he isn't the next Xavi. Moving on, hey look goats!

Everybody Loves Pepe Reina-Liverpool Offside

I am willing to bet that Gareth Bale won't love him.

A Rafa Benitez Haiku-We Ain't Got No History

Eh, I am more of a free verse guy, people have refereed to me as the Bob Dylan who can enunciate.

Joe Flacco Looks At His Money-Progressive Boink

No really, that is literally what this article is.