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FC Basel vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Instant reaction

Yep. Still Spurs.

Julian Finney

Everything about that game summed up Tottenham Hotspur's season perfectly. They derped a lot, fought back to equalize, derped more to handicap themselves, fought valiantly to force penalties, then were totally useless in penalties. The most disappointing players in penalties are the players that have been most disappointing this season in general. It was a perfect match, really.

Spurs and FC Basel drew 2-2, by the way. Clint Dempsey scored a brace, opening the scoring and netting the late equalizer. Jan Vertonghen got sent off in the dying minutes (correctly, I might add), but Spurs held on for penalties. Emmanuel Adebayor gave the ball away on a three-on-two counter in the dying minutes of extra time when he had two good passing options. He then, along with Tom Huddlestone, missed a penalty.


- Shit.

- Seriously though, ugh.

- We were pretty bad other than the goals, to be honest. I thought Basel were going to win in regular time.

- Good god Brad Friedel looks old.

- This was almost certainly Moussa Dembele's worst performance in a Spurs shirt.

- From 60' until 120', Tom Carroll was far and away our best player and all excuses for not playing him have completely evaporated. He needs to play more, period.

- Kyle Walker had one of his best games in a Spurs shirt. He actually defended well, as opposed to when he anticipates juuuuust well enough to shut people down with his athleticism.

- Jan Vertonghen was flawless until his dumb and deserved red card.

- Hey, Clint Dempsey! I guess you're okay!

- Shit.