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Sergio Aguero facing suspension, likely to miss Spurs vs. Manchester City clash

Chelsea got knocked out of the FA Cup in a match that may also hand Spurs an advantage over the Blues in the league.

Mike Hewitt

Update: lol nope

Sergio Aguero stomped on Davis Luiz. Poor Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero was not shown a red card. Poor Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero will likely be suspended by the FA for his stomp. Justice for Chelsea.

Sergio Aguero will likely miss Manchester City's match versus Tottenham Hotspur while suspended. Haha Chelsea.

Not only are Chelsea out of the FA Cup, but they may have helped Spurs get a leg up on them in the race for a Champions League place. Tottenham's clash with Manchester City is the toughest match left on their fixture list, but it becomes much easier without Aguero.

If Aguero is suspended just two matches, he will be out versus Spurs. Considering the blatant stomp, it would be tough for the FA to look at it and not hand the Argentine a three-match ban for what was clearly was violent conduct.

Chelsea could have won the FA Cup, but they didn't. And if City were down to 10 men, like they should have been, maybe they do. But at least that clears the way for them in the league, except it hands their rivals a possible advantage. Nothing went right for Chelsea on Sunday.

Happy Spurs.