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Tottenham and Chelsea won't be playing for a while

You'll have to wait until the second week of May.

Shaun Botterill

The extremely important and extremely dramatic Premier League encounter between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, in which there may be a Champions League berth on the line, is now much more dramatic. But not more important, because the first game of the season is just as important as the last, you silly geese. Spurs and Chelsea will meet on May 8, making it the third-to-last game of Tottenham's season.

Spurs face Manchester City at home this weekend, then go away to a desperate Wigan side a week later. They'll be favored at home in the game after that, four days before they face Chelsea, against a Southampton side that have little to play for. Spurs then close out their season away to Stoke -- always a total B of a game -- then host a Sunderland side that might still be fighting for their lives to close the year.

This schedule kind of blows, but at least we get one should-be gimme win (at home against Southampton, not to disrespect them or their fans). Other than that ... well, no one's handed a Champions League place. We have to earn it. To Dare is to Do and all that noise.