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Saturday football open thread

We have to wait until tomorrow to see Tottenham. Boo.

Clive Rose

Happy Saturday folks. All of the Saturday Premier League games are on at the exact same time because the Premier League hates you. Arsenal-Fulham and Sunderland-Everton are the TV games in America. There are no nationally broadcast games in the UK because it's 1982. There are seven games on in the 3 pm BST/10 am ET timeslot.

The Bundesliga's regular 9:30 am ET block of games is already underway. There are also a lot of MLS games today, starting at 4 pm ET/9 pm UK. There's also a massive slate of Championship games kicking off when the Premier League games kick off. Real Madrid is on at 5 pm UK/12 pm ET and Barcelona play two hours after that. There are Serie A games in their regular blocks at 12 pm ET and 2:45 pm ET.

Anything else you plan on watching today? Feel free to talk about football of any kind in this thread. Chat away.